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During My PMP preparation I was always looking for some interactive way of studying but was not able to find any. The only thing which didn’t bore me was Head First PMP. I love their full series and I have a couple of them. So I cut th long story short, I wanted an easy way to remember all the PMP processes and flow of processes. So I started relating the processes of PMP to my life. People generally relate it to their projects but that makes it boring I could have given example of the openstack implementation, cross platform app development, development of new CDI units for Honda Motorcycles but what’s the fun. So I always try to relate them to incidences which everyone has experienced and trust me we have been project managers since childhood if not then then read further and you will find out how good of a project manager you were.

I remember this incidence I was in grade 10 and grade 10 is a child’s nightmare in India as that means board exams. Board exams is a typical practice in India for grade 10 so just for people who don’t know, you can somewhat compare it to the pressure of SAT exam.

It was summer break and I was playing outside with my friends and I heard a voice calling my name it was my dad he said Akash its time that you become serious in studies. I want you to score A grade in your finals and if you do then I will present you with a new Bajaj ELIMINATOR . It was like dream come true  my dad offering me a new motorcycle if I score A in the finals.

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So what I had in front of me was the SCOPE STATEMENT – AKASH YOU HAVE TO SCORE “A” in the FINAL EXAMS. 

I had a full project in front of me comprising of several products. These several products were all the subject I was taking in grade 10. The subjects were Science, maths, Social Studies, English and Hindi. All these products had a scope of their own.

My dad mentioned A so I was thinking what if I get A+ then ? good for your personal gain but he promised a BAJAJ eliminator for scoring an A and he will gift it to you if get an A or A+ so what’s the gain.  This process of doing extra work without benefits is called gold plating. The gold plating is sub process of scope creep.I have another article on scope creep as well here you can read it here.


Each mentioned process has a post of its own.

1.) Plan scope management – What will I do if the dad says you have to get A+ , how will I deal with it.

2.) Collect Requirements – How he wants me to score “A” grade. “A” grade in all the subjects or it could vary like A+ , A and B+ then averaging A.

3.) Define Scope – The final words which clearly define my objectives.

4.) Create WBS – How will I reach my goal of “A”, what activities I need to perform to reach there.

5.) Validate Scope - Is my dad satisfied with my results.

6.) Control Scope – Get back on track don’t let yourself deviate into sports.


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I think Now you are getting gist of stuff how good project managers you were since childhood and you were applying project management practices in your daily life.

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