Common Project Management Mistakes to AVOID – Part1

Common Project Management Mistakes to AVOID

The stature of projects have changed in the last decade. Project costs  have gone from millions to billions of dollars, from 100 members to 1000s of team members,from one office to global.  With the humongous sizes of project its easy to commit a mistake or overlook some important aspects of a project. The point which may look trivial at one point in the project could lead to a total catastrophe and damage the outcome. surveyed a lot of project management gurus and companies for the common project management mistakes and found that there are some common mistakes to every project. Based on the list here are some of the common project management mistakes and you should avoid those for the success of your project.

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Resume Broken or Disconnected SSH Session

Thats a common phenomenon that you break or disconnect your existing ssh connection to your host.  It could be painful if you were editing a script and didnt save it. By all means you would like to reconnect and start or resume  from the same place where your ssh session broke or disconnected. Linux has a software called screen which lets us resume our broken or disconnected SSH session.

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How to Justify All Posts in your WordPress Blog

We know by default the wordpress justifies text left, but that left justification leaves the text uneven towards the end of the line and across images. You can justify each paragraph manually in the wysiwyg editor but thats also a tedious task. Imagine if you had 1000 posts and now you would have to edit them manually. Not worth the effort.

Don’t be afraid its a simple CSS fix and you can do it in 2 minutes. By doing this fix all your existing posts and new posts will be justified.

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Understanding The Concept of Vmware Virutal Distributed Switch (vDS)

Virtual Distributed Switch called as vDS is a feature of Enterprise Plus package of the Vsphere Suite. It is managed by vcenter server. It is used for standard settings across all the hosts in a cluster. Even if the VM is moved the port settings and all the configurations are moved with the VM. There are two copies of the configuration
One copy is stored in the vcenter sql database and a local copy is stored in the /etc/vmware/dvsdata.db on the local esxi host. The cached copy is updated every five mins.
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Enable Configure or Disable Hyperthreading on Vsphere ESXi Hosts

Hyper-threading is a neat feature in the latest INTEL NEHALEM series. It allows each physical core to run 2 threads simultaneously which means 4 physical cores and 8 logical cores. Having double the logical processors does not boost the performance by 100% but it just makes processors more efficient and in some cases help to achieve a gain of 20%. But it still plays a great role when deployed in Vsphere Virtual Infrastructure.

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