Vmware vSphere licensing and Identify available vCenter server editions

Apart from the new breakthrough features in the vSphere5 another breakthrough which is overlooked is in the licensing model. The VMware has completely revamped their licensing policy as compared to their previous editions. In vSphere4 the licenses were based on the C.P.Us and the number of cores. Apart from this other hardware limits were opposed based on the license.

As the technology is every rapidly increasing, Moore’s law converting to fast Moore’s law hardware is getting cheap and advanced day by day. High density ram chip and C.P.Us with 8 cores and 12 cores are available in the market. Keeping the growth in hardware industry and the growth of organizations in terms of server capabilities VMware introduced the new licensing policy based on the number of C.P.Us (irrespective of number of cores in them) and a new term called the vRAM. The vRAM is the total virtual ram that can be used by multiple licensed C.P.Us on multiple hosts managed by a single vcenter server.

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