Intro To Ethernet Cabling – Introduction To OSI Layer Model – The Internetworking Part4

Intro to Ethernet cabling – Introduction to OSI layer model – The internetworking Part4

Different cabling standards are used some of the standards defined by EIA/TIA are

10Base2-This is 10 MBPS baseband technology and can have length up to 185 meters .Maximum supported workstations can be 30.It is also called thinnet.AUI connectors are used to connect devices the segment

10Base5-This is also 10MBPS baseband connection and can have length upto 500 metres.It is called thicknet.Also used AUI connectors

10BaseT-It Uses 3 UTP wire and we need a switch or hub in this technology .Only device can connect to one segment using rj45 jacks.

100BaseTX-Uses CAT5 or later cables .It also supports one user per segment but with 100mbps speed. Physical star topology and logical bus.

100BaseFx-Uses multimode fiber. Max length can be 412 meters

1000BaseCX-Copper twisted pair cable can be upto 25 metres

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