How To Setup Logical Volume Manager (LVM) Step By Step

In my last post I explained about the concepts of the Logical Volume Manager (LVM). If you need some background on Logical Volume Manager (LVM) or you are new to LINUX you can read the post Understanding The Concept Of Logical Volume Manager – LVM. Now hope you have a fair background with linux and the LVM lets try to setup it on a Ubuntu Linux Machine, you can use any LINUX distribution to set Setup Logical Volume Manager (LVM). The commands are almost same.

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How To Make Linux More Secure Using Firewall – The Firestarter Firewall

linux logoThe Linux operating system is gaining more and more popularity day by day. The popularity of its stability and security. Linux systems are considered more secure and actually they are. Security is provided at each and every level. The security level but still can be breached. To make it more secure a firewall is required.

A firewall can help you to stop incoming attacks, allow only certain type of traffic to pass through or even block some websites.
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Share Single Keyboard Mouse in Linux, Mac and Windows Using Synergy

Share Single Keyboard Mouse in Linux, Mac and Windows Using Synergy 2

I was having trouble since long time to switch between my linux boxes, every time i need to work on my other machine I need to disconnect my keyboard and mouse from one linux machine and connect it to another linux machine.

I know lot of screen sharing software like teamviewer, vnc, freenx etc but I dont want the screen sharing. I wanted to work like my keyboard and mouse are physically connected to my linux machine. I also tried using the KVM switch but the use of kvm to share the mouse and keyboard was not good at all. To switch the keyboard and mouse I had to press the button on the KVM to change the control to my other machine.

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