How To Configure Access Router In GNS3 LAB

When you are working in a Cisco Lab environment you cant keep on changing the console cable from one router to another for configuration for this purpose an access server is used.  Access server has several config cables coming out from a single port. These cables can be connected to different routers in the network. Now while only logging into a single router we can configure all the other routers that are connected using the special cable.

Now this is the case with real routers, when you are using GNS3 as simulator then it also becomes a hassle to manage the console of each router.  Tools like puttycm and secureCRT can be used but still these have multiple consoles.

There is one cool way to use a router as an ACCESS server in GNS3

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Step By Step Using And Configuring GNS3 Cisco Router simulator

CCNA is a very prestigious certification and can land you up in a very good job.But sometimes the only thing which stop people is the cost of hardware. Buying expensive hardware for practicing cisco ccna labs is not possible by everyone . You need to spend $1000 or more for a decent lab .

The solution to this is Using GNS3 and Dynamips. Which lets you simulate routers and switches on your pc. The advantage of this simulator is that it uses real cisco ios , its not like any other simulator which are flash programmed and can run only certain commands.The gns3 can simulate layer 3 devices(Routers) very well but gets buggy sometimes with the layer 2 devices like the switches.

So lets gets started with the step by step on How To Use And Configure GNS3 And Dynamips
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Setting Up Of A Cisco Home Lab

Hello readers this question goes through mind of everyone who is appearing or wants to appear for any of the  cisco

certification …. Now question comes that can everything be practiced on Simulators … hmmm

quite a big question but the answer is not . Simulators are very good way to start your path towards cisco but in the end to

gain real knowledge you need to have hands on some hardware . It is not possible for everyone to get a router though they are cheap on ebay but still costs some money which everyone can’t afford .

The initial ccna exam can be cleared almost without purchasing any real hardware but if you want to make your career into cisco you need to have hands on some hardware .

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