August 8, 2020

Share Single Keyboard Mouse in Linux, Mac and Windows Using Synergy

Share Single Keyboard Mouse in Linux, Mac and Windows Using Synergy 2

I was having trouble since long time to switch between my linux boxes, every time i need to work on my other machine I need to disconnect my keyboard and mouse from one linux machine and connect it to another linux machine.

I know lot of screen sharing software like teamviewer, vnc, freenx etc but I dont want the screen sharing. I wanted to work like my keyboard and mouse are physically connected to my linux machine. I also tried using the KVM switch but the use of kvm to share the mouse and keyboard was not good at all. To switch the keyboard and mouse I had to press the button on the KVM to change the control to my other machine.

Then one day searching on the internet I came across a software version of KVM called Synergy.

The synergy lets you use a single keyboard mouse with multiple machines and monitors you can simply scroll from one screen to another 🙂 which makes synergy experience very pleasant. If you are using windows to configure synergy for sharing your keyboard and mouse then setup is very easy but if you are using Linux and Mac to share your keyboard and mouse then it can be a bit of pain.

This is how I configured Synergy to share my keyboard mouse on multiple ubuntu host machines.

This is the layout that i am using.

We need to install synergy ( I am using ubuntu 10.10 on both client and server) so it is by default in my repository. To install synergy you can type the following command.

sudo apt-get install synergy

Now for synergy to need to function you need to make a configuration file which can be created in /etc/synergy.conf

Type the following command in the terminal to open an editor and enter your configurations ( The configurations are based on my setup you have to change the ip address and aliases according to your setup.

vi /etc/synergy.conf

This is the configuration file for my setup .

section: screens

section: aliases

section: links
left = base
right = nt2

I have two screens base and nt2. The scree to right of base is nt2 and screen to left of nt2 is base.

Now you have to execute the synergy server on the machine which you want to be server.

open a terminal and type


This will start the server on the other machine type the command


in my case it was


After executing these commands you will be able to share your keyboard and mouse with multiple machines. You can move your cursor from one monitor to another just by moving your mouse. The main advantage of using synergy is that it is available for all operating system Linux, Windows and Mac.

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