August 8, 2020

Setup ITUNES streaming music server for iphone, Ipad and Ipod Using Firefly

Setup ITUNES streaming music server for iphone / ipod and at home using firefly

Having a streaming music server for your itunes library or mp3 files is very good. Having a streaming mp3 server at home reduces redundancy and hassle to copy the files to your ipod, ipad, iphone or even an android device.

To setup a streaming server for our ipod, ipad, iphone and android we need a software called
firefly. The firefly is an advancement over the mt-daapd. The firefly uses the DAAP protocol to stream the music

The Step By Step guide is here to install firefly for music streaming. This article assumes you are running ubuntu linux.

Step1.) Install firefly media server.

sudo apt-get install mt-daapd

Step2.) Now as you have successfully installed the firefly music server, you can login to its management interface from a browser


This is the ip where you installed the firefly server.

The username for firefly music server- mt-daapd
The password for firefly music server – mt-daapd

You can change the name of the server, start or stop the server. Change the music directory and even change the admin username and password.

configure Setup ITUNES streaming music server  for iphone  ipod and at home using firefly

Now to setup the client on your pod, ipad, iphone and android you can use the simple daap client.

Which can be installed from the APP Store and the main thins is that the simple daap client for streaming music is free.

You can navigate like this from the simple daap client.

You can get a list of streaming servers in your lan.

You will get a list of the music stored on your firefly music server.

daap client 2Setup ITUNES streaming music server  for iphone  ipod and at home using firefly

You can also connect to a remote music server.

Music stream playing 🙂

This was a simple intro on how to Setup ITUNES streaming music server for iphone, Ipad and Ipod Using Firefly. You can also configure clients for your windows machines, android phones and any other OS or mobile platform.

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14 thoughts on “Setup ITUNES streaming music server for iphone, Ipad and Ipod Using Firefly

  1. dude the word ur looking for is increases redundancy as if it was less then it would be bad as there would not be any fall back! redundancy is there to protect data! please get it right if you writing something like this as it makes you sound unreliable!

    1. I believe that the author was referring to not requiring duplicate mp3 files all over the place on each device – of course he would back up his music somewhere. If it make make him sound unreliable to you, then don’t follow his instructions. I, for one, appreciate his presentation and efforts, dude!

  2. Thanks – worth mentioning that Audiogalaxy and mSpot are great for streaming when not on your network but been looking for something to stream over my network – had installed Firfefly but counld’nt find anything for iPhone that would use it.

    1. Hi Josh ,

      Hope you liked the article, I havent tried with password shares but according to the documentation it supports password protected shares. I will confirm it to you after trying it myself

  3. It does not allow access to the password protected share but from a webmin interface or from the command line you can change the share to allow guest access which gets around the issue. I currently have the server running and sharing my music library which had been password protected, the guest access allowed the server to provide access to ipods, ipad etc.

  4. I have Firefly running on an NSLU2 without any issues – all devices on my network have been playing fine from it for over 5 years now. I’ve been trying for about 6 months to get Simple DAAP working on my iPad2. It sees the server just fine, but when I select it, it takes me to a “Genres” pages that is competely empty. I can’t do anything else with it. The majority of my mp3 files have genres encoded in the ID3 tags, so something should appear there surely?
    Any ideas? Nobody else seems to having any issues with this at all, and there are no contact details for the developer, so I’m throwing this out here in hope!

    1. Hello dave,

      I have myself tried daap for sharing and it works fine for me. I dont have an iPAD but i will check it using my iphone and will let you know.

  5. Hi,

    This post was very useful and it works on my iphone. I can see all playlists and play songs from the lists.
    Is it also possible in some kind of way to browse the music folders?

  6. cheers. just had a issue with a custom nas and installed nas4free which has firefly as a module. nice work. streaming music to the ipad now.

    ps… (1) you need to search for the ipod “simple daap” client as not listed on ipad. (2) yes.. could have installed on my ubuntu but running direct from custom nas is easier.

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