September 20, 2020
Real World Free Project Management Training With Example

Real World Free Project Management Training With Example

This Real World Free project management training series is primarily aimed for new project managers who are searching for ways to understand how things are done in the industry. The internet is full of resources but as my per my knowledge no one teaches you how things are done really. In this series we will be working on a real world project plan not just snippets of a MSproject file or already made WBS we will start from the Business case. We will go into insights, plan it, sign it, talk to stakeholders, schedule it using MS project and close it with lessons learns and review. Full real world working project, isn’t that awesome and I bet you couldn’t find such resource on internet anywhere.

Now one thing I get asked quite often is why Real World Free Project Management Training With Example is FREE ?


Ill Explain


During my first project as a project manager I was very worried, I was an IT person before and promoted to lead a project from scratch due to my management and team handling capabilities. I remember, I went through every possible article on internet and every template I could find. Started reading PMBOK, Prince 2 etc. etc. not to forget the Microsoft Project (MS project). I took several courses but couldn’t figure out. Today its been more than 12 years to that incidence and when I look back I see how lost I was and how much time and money I spent on these courses.


Now the content availability has increased 100 times and you can subscribe to as many courses as you like who will promise you to teach you project management (PMP) or how to master project management but no one will teach you how you apply those concepts in real world. They will not teach you how as a project manager you will lead from signing off project charter till closure/ final delivery of the project.


This free course on Real World Free Project Management Training With Example or you can call It demystifying project management is my effort for people who are overwhelmed by the information they have or need guidance on how things are done.

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We will not go into details of PMP or Prince 2 we will keep it to bare minimum I expect you all have basic knowledge of PMBOK and have been using it or read about it lately. Same applies to Microsoft project I will work out some examples on msproject but I am no expert and if you want to go deep into the Microsoft project then you could find some courses online or attend a course. This series will primarily focus on demystifying the project managers task and how he manages the projects in real world. We will work on all the primary documents used during the project management tasks. I will also share the templates free and other resources associated and some of the posts will definitely have a video with them.


So I am pretty sure you will like Real World Free Project Management Training With Example and also will gain a lot from it.


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