Tips for Managing Change Requests in Your Project

How to manage change requests in your project

By definition change request is a procedure to edit the scope of a project.

Sounds simple but by experience its one of the most challenging tasks for a project manager.  Change request could be due to a variety of reasons its not just because of the lack of clarity in scope or someone missing our a requirement in the scope document. It could be well due to market conditions, change in technology etc.  A change request could have a deep impact on your project in terms of scope, time, cost etc and could lead it to a failure.

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Managing Multiple Projects At Same Time – MISTAKES AND SOLUTIONS

managing multiple projects

Being a Project management consultant for years I have heard several questions from project managers regarding managing multiple projects, So I thought it would be a good idea to post it on my blog.

Following are some of the actual questions I have heard.

“How to manage multiple projects at same time”

“What is the standard in the industry for managing multiple projects”

“How do I find that I am not overwhelmed by multiple projects”


To me management is a trait and everyone could not be as good as someone born with this trait. It is same like, some are born musician and someone else could learn it but its hard to beat one who are born with it. Its hard to say how much projects you could manage at same time or whats the threshold. Its totally upto you. You could increase your productivity by avoiding these mistakes for sure.

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Understanding The Concept of Vmware Virutal Distributed Switch (vDS)

Virtual Distributed Switch called as vDS is a feature of Enterprise Plus package of the Vsphere Suite. It is managed by vcenter server. It is used for standard settings across all the hosts in a cluster. Even if the VM is moved the port settings and all the configurations are moved with the VM. There are two copies of the configuration
One copy is stored in the vcenter sql database and a local copy is stored in the /etc/vmware/dvsdata.db on the local esxi host. The cached copy is updated every five mins.
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Enable Configure or Disable Hyperthreading on Vsphere ESXi Hosts

Hyper-threading is a neat feature in the latest INTEL NEHALEM series. It allows each physical core to run 2 threads simultaneously which means 4 physical cores and 8 logical cores. Having double the logical processors does not boost the performance by 100% but it just makes processors more efficient and in some cases help to achieve a gain of 20%. But it still plays a great role when deployed in Vsphere Virtual Infrastructure.

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