July 9, 2020

Load Your Website Fast With Google’s mod_pagespeed module for APACHE

With the increase in rich content media websites the time to load for webpages has increased drastically. With faster servers and even cloud setup can’t reduce the time to load for a website.

Googlebot designed by google is the indexer/crawler used by google to index the websites. The googlebot crawls the websites and indexes the data in its database. Googlebot spends a good amount of time on each website.

To overcome the time consumption google has launched a module for apache web server called mod_pagspeed.

According to google the mod_pagespeed reduces the website load time by 50%.

The main features of mod_pagespeed are:-

  • No need to change the existing cms settings eg like wordpres, joomla fully compatile.
  • It recompresses the images when the html text changes
  • new extended lifetime for images like logos and banners.

Google is currently working with godaddy to integrate mod_pagespeed to integrate into their servers. Apart from godaddy the code has been released for CentOS , RHEL, Ubuntu , Debian and Fedora but you can also download the source and compile it for your distribution.

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