August 8, 2020

Intro Data Encapsulation – Introduction To OSI Layer Model – The Internetworking Part5

As you know OSI works in layer as the data moves down it is encapsulated by each layer .The data encapsulation is only useful to the same layer at the other end. The encapsulated data is called PDU(Protocol Data Units).As only the same layer or we call peer layer can read the data it strips the header that was attached extract useful info and sends it to upper layer.

The real transmission starts from transport layer. The data from above layers is formed as a segment and transferred. This segment has a header (info particular only to transport layer) which is attached to the data .Now this segment with TH header is passed to network layer where network layer attaches its own header to it. At the receivers end each layer reads the header extract the useful info from the header .After taking the info it removes the header and passed the data to the above layer

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