How To Update Your Linux Without an Internet Connection

How To Update Your Linux Without an Internet Connection
How to Update Your Linux Without an Internet Connection , Hmm This problem is faced by many person.
for ex if your linux machines is newly installed but you need an update to fix your Lan card driver . OOPS
you are gone. Not a problem now you can download and update linux packages on different computer and then can transfer it your linux machine using LAN or even flash drive.
Seems like a fairytale . But its not Sushi-Huh is a software which allows you to update your linux machine without an internet connection.

You can install the Sushi-Huh on another machine which can be any linux or even windows .

The Following distributions are supported for the download of packages.

  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Mandriva
  • openSuse
  • Ubuntu

Requirements for the Sushi-Huh

  • Python >= 2.4 & < 3.0 (only for GNU/Linux)
  • A webbrowser with JavaScript support
  • GNU/Linux or Windows (> 2000)

How To Update Your Linux Without an Internet Connection :-

Step1.)Download Sushi-Huh from the link provided at the end of the post.
Step2.)Extract the files into a directory . I am using windows so follow the screenshots if you are using windows.
Step3.)Click on Sushi_Huh executable. Your default browser will open and ask for your permission.

Step4.)Click On next.
Step5.)Select a distribution of your choice for which you want to download the packages without internet.

Step6.)Select the version and release of your distribution

Step7.)After that you will get the screen to select the repository from where you want to download the package

Step8.)After selecting the repository all the list of available packages will appear and you can select which package to download .

Download Sushi-Huh Update Your Linux Without an Internet Connection

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    Is it really worth

  2. akshay   •  

    thank you very much i access net via android although i installed linux mint 14 it wont detect which pack should i install via Sushi-huh

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