September 20, 2020

How To Setup And Secure Your Cisco Router Using Passwords

By default cisco routers are not secured they don’t have any passwords set on them anyone within your network can connect to a cisco router and make changes . Which is a security breach and a threat to your network . How can cisco people be so careless that they do not have passwords enabled .

Nice question but if they have you will not be able to login the routers if you don’t know the initial passwords so that’s why cisco left this job for the network administrators to secure and setup passwords.
5 different passwords can be set on a cisco router which are enough to make it secure.You can additionally use radius or tacacs server ( Too much detail to explain here )but still you need to secure your cisco router using the password options that are available.

The 5 passwords that you can set on a cisco router are

  • console,
  • auxiliary
  • Telnet (VTY),
  • enable password
  • enable secret

  • .

Enable password – as the name says it’s the enable password
Enable Secret-This is better option than enable password as it is encrypted and it overrides enable password if it was set before.

Console ,auxiliary and Telnet are all line passwords and are set in subinterfaces mode they also need a login command as if we do not use the login command they will not ask for a password and will not allow us to access the cisco router

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