September 20, 2020

How To Recover-Reset CISCO 2600/2500 Series Router Password

If you have Lots of Cisco series routers in your environment you can have the same password for all the cisco routers and cisco switches. But that is not a recommended practice to have the same password for all cisco routers and switch. SO you have to remember a bunch of passwords for the cisco routers and switches and the day comes when you forget the password of you cisco routers and switches.

The same thing happened with me so i thought why now write an article on How To Recover/Reset CISCO Series Router Password

The first thing you need is that you need to be connected to the cisco router via a console cable.
Now restart the router .

  1. As the IOS is decompressed press CTRL+Pause BREAK key for the hyperterminal If you are using any other terminal emulator for eg i am using the Tera Term the break sequence is ALT+B.
  2. After sending the break sequence we enter the Rom Monitor Mode. Which is a special mode for cisco routers and switches. It comes real handy in case you forget the password 🙂 .
    Type the command

  3. confreg 0x2142

    on the next line type

  4. reset

    after this the router will boot normally and will ask you to enter configuration dialogue just say no.

  5. Now you get a normal router screen just type enable
    you should be able to login now type:-

  6. copy startup-config running-config
  7. config t
  8. enable secret routemybrain
    (instead of routemybrain you can use any password for your cisco router )
    Note:- After this you need to change back the config register to 0x2102 which is still set to 0x2142 if you reload at this point you will get back into a router with no configuration.So type

  9. config-register 0x2102
  10. exit
  11. copy run start
  12. reload

    You should be able to login into your cisco router using the new password after the reset .

    Note:- if you are using the 2500 series cisco router the commands are a bit different .
    In place of Step 3 you need to type
    o which is a small alphabet ‘o’ not zero . Then type
    o/r 0x2142
    after this type
    i or reset to reload the router .
    The rest remains same from step 5.

You can watch the video also !!!

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6 thoughts on “How To Recover-Reset CISCO 2600/2500 Series Router Password

  1. Its was great video, but i am wondering about the configuration that are saved on the router. Wether the configuration will erased or not.

    1. i need your help please
      i bought a new Router and i started to configure it as shown below
      Username: cisco
      Password : cisco
      Yourname# conf ter
      Yourname(config)# enable secret pswissam
      Yourname(config)# enable password wissam
      Yourname(config)# line console 0
      Yourname(config-line)# no login local
      Yourname(config-line)# exit
      Yourname(config)# line vty 0 4
      Yourname(config-line)# no access-class 23
      Yourname(config-line)# no privilege level 15
      Yourname(config-line)# no login local
      Yourname(config-line)# password wissam
      Yourname(config-line)# login
      Yourname(config-line)# exit
      Yourname(config)# no ip domain-lookup
      Yourname(config)# exit
      Yourname# write
      Yourname# exit
      Yourname# exit

      yourname> en
      % Bad secrets
      now i cant access the router with the password
      what should i do

      1. Reset the router as per the above mentioned way..Boot into Monitor mode and change the flag.. instead of no login local use login local

    2. you may enter only enable secret or enable password, try at first typing enable pass (wissam) and then secret (pwissam) 🙂

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