August 5, 2020

How To Configure A New Cisco Router From Scratch

Configuring a cisco router can be quite difficult if you are using cisco router for the first time .The first thing that comes to mind is how to connect the cisco router to the computer .
Yeah people who are new to cisco world , just started with cisco certification or earlier they were using some simulator for cisco device this can be a challenging task . I also faced trouble connecting my workstation to my cisco router . But in the end I figured it out.

Now depending on the router you can connect to it using

  • Auxiliary port
  • Console Port
  • Using SSH or Telnet.

Now Auxiliary and Console are physical ports present on a cisco router.
Here are pics of my own cisco 2650xm router.
It also has a fastethernet port . Yes you can configure using Ethernet port also but when you purchase a new router the fastethernet port is disabled by default .
Now use of auxiliary port in configuring a cisco router . There situations when you cannot reach the router or it may be in a remote location then the cisco auxiliary port comes into action. A modem is attached to the auxiliary port so you can dial to the modem and then configure the cisco router.
It works in a way like this but a setting is to be done before to use this method .

So how can one configure a cisco router . Hmm just using a Console cable it looks like this one end is rj45 connector and other end is a rs232 or db9 connector . Now all the computers( most of them ) don’t have a serial port so you have to use a usb to db9 converter or one that supports your console cable.
Now when you have connected the serial console cable to the router open hyperterminal ( OOPS it is not present in Windows 7) . I will be posting a how to on how to install hyperterminal in windows 7 so keep reading that time you can use TeraTerm it is a free terminal emulator and works on windows 7

Now make a new connection . Using hyper terminal specify the name of the connection(call it whatever you want it ). Now set the parameters according to the screenshot

and press Ok . If you a blank screen for some time hit enter if nothing happens check the cable , connections and the properties again .
IF you see some activity on the screen then you have now connected your cisco router to the pc directly.Now lest configure this cisco router.

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