August 5, 2020

How To Configure A New Cisco Router From Scratch (PART2)

How To Configure A New Cisco Router From Scratch (PART2)

Now after you have successfully connected a cisco router to your PC just smile as you can now play with it.
You must get a screen like this before continuing .If your getting the cisco console screen you are good to go . Before you type anything on the console let me make you familiar with some of the modes a cisco router works in.

Now basically in a cisco router there are 3 modes :-

  1. User EXEC Mode-
  2. Privileged EXEC Mode –
  3. Global Configuration mode –

Now the User EXEC mode is the mode when we first boot the router and get a prompt like this
This mode is for basic monitoring only we cannot modify data using this mode . When in this mode
Type show ? (Show followed by a question mark) and you will get a list of all the commands that are supported.
Privileged EXEC mode is identified by

Router# (RouterName followed by Pound # sign)
When in the User EXEC mode type enable or en to enter Privileged EXEC mode. This mode allowes you to manage and view more information but does not let you change anything .But gives you more Privileges than USER EXEC mode.

Now the third mode is Global Configuration mode this can be indentified by
To enter global configuration mode on a cisco router you need to type configure terminal or config t
This lets you manage your router you can do every setting in your router from this mode. Be careful when using commands in this mode.
Now there is one other mode called the subinterface configuration which is sub mode of global configuration mode it is used to configure serial ports,fast Ethernet ,telnet lines etc
Can be identified by


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