July 9, 2020

How To Change The NAT IP Range – Networking In Vmware Workstation

Vmware workstation is the best virtualization solution available in the market. It offers a lot of excellent features which other competitors in the market are unable to offer.
Networking in VMWARE is very important. VMWARE offers 4 modes of networking.

a.)Bridged – The virtual machine gets the IP address from the network settings used by your network e.g. either it gets the ip from the DHCP or you can specify the IP manually.

b.)Nat- The NAT connects the virtual machine to the HOST. The guest uses the host’s IP address to communicate with the outer world. The guest NAT IP can be in any range. This range is specified by VMWARE (we are going to change this NAT IP range) e.g the Host has IP and guest has In NAT the host assigns a port to the guest
for eg 6000 all the traffc from will be for the guest OS.

c.)Host Only – In this scheme the guest is only connected to the host.

d.)Custom – We can specify a new virtual adapter based on our custom settings.

Now To Change The NAT IP Range we can use the Virtual network editor. Navigate to

Applications->System Tools -> Virtual Network Editor

In linux the virtual network adapter looks like this.

How To Change The NAT IP Range - Networking In Vmware Workstation

To change the IP range just select the NAT adapter and type the new ip address.

In windows you can edit the subnet mask also but this feature is not available in LINUX. To edit the subnet mask for the NAT ip range you need to edit the NAT.CONF file which can be found in location.


You can find further information about the file from the VMWARE WEBSITE

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