August 5, 2020

How To Backup Ubuntu Linux With Sbackup

Ubuntu is constantly becoming a popular linux distribution. Linux means stability and security. It does not mean that linux system will not crash ever. The linux system can also crash, due to file corruption, hardware failure etc etc. It becomes necessary to backup the linux so in case there is a system failure.

Sbackup is a backup utility which backs up you data without any hassle. You can select the number of directories you want to back up. It can automatically backup daily or you can do it manually also.

How To Backup Ubuntu Linux With Sbackup

Step1.) Install Sbackup on your ubuntu linux.

sudo apt-get install sbackup

Step2.) Configure Sbackup setting

Type the following command in your linux terminal.


A configuration window like this will appear.

How To Backup Ubuntu Linux With Sbackup

You can select the time when you want the backup to run, include the directories which you want to backup and also
exclude the directories which you do not want to backup from your existing ubuntu linux.

You can save the backup to a remote location using ssh also. This setting can also be modified in the backup configuration editor of sbackup

How To Backup Ubuntu Linux With Sbackup

Step3.) To restore your ubuntu linux from a previos sbackup file


A window like this appears.

How To Backup Ubuntu Linux With Sbackup

from this you can select the backup you want to revert to.

The sbackup is a nice and clean application for ubuntu linux to manage backups.

If you are using non ubuntu distribution you can download sbackup from here.


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