September 20, 2020

Configuring Banners And Hostnames On A Cisco Router

Configuring Banners And Hostnames On A Cisco Router

Configuring banners and hostname can be the most easiest task on a cisco exam .But still sometime people get confused in which type of banner they have to set.Hostname is just an identification we give it to a cisco router its just like the name of the router or the location of the router which helps us identify it .

To configure hostname

Note:- see the router is in the global configuration mode.

There are 4 types of banners that you can set on a cisco router they are:-

  • MOTD Banner
  • Exec Banner
  • Incoming Banner
  • Login Banner

The MOTD banner aka the message of the day banner is displayed to one who connects to the router it does not matter how the person connects it may be using console ssh or telnet this MOTD banner will be displayed to him.
Router(config)# banner motd # Welcome to ROUTEMYBRAIN.COM This Is MOTD BANNER #

Note:-The pound (#) is the limiting character it tells that whenever you account this symbol again it means the end of the banner. We can use any sign $,> etc but the sign should be same at the starting of the banner command and the end of banner command

Exec Banner – Whene you enter the EXEC mode this banner is displayed .

Router(config)# banner exec # Welcome to ROUTEMYBRAIN.COM This Is EXEC BANNER #

Incoming Banner-This is used when user use reverse telnet on their cisco routers this is needed when we have an access router in our system.

Router(config)# banner incoming # Welcome to ROUTEMYBRAIN.COM This Is Incoming BANNER #

Login Banner- This banner is shown after the MOTD banner but before the login prompt . It cannot be disabled it has to be deleted
Router(config)# banner login # Welcome to ROUTEMYBRAIN.COM This Is Login BANNER #

Banners can be grateful they can provide user with warnings like do not enter if you are not authorized etc . So it is important so create banners on your cisco routers now . See my video on Configuring Banners And Hostnames On A Cisco Router

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