September 20, 2020

Common Project Management Mistakes to AVOID – Part1

The stature of projects have changed in the last decade. Project costs  have gone from millions to billions of dollars, from 100 members to 1000s of team members,from one office to global.  With the humongous sizes of project its easy to commit a mistake or overlook some important aspects of a project. The point which may look trivial at one point in the project could lead to a total catastrophe and damage the outcome. surveyed a lot of project management gurus and companies for the common project management mistakes and found that there are some common mistakes to every project. Based on the list here are some of the common project management mistakes and you should avoid those for the success of your project.


Common Project Management Mistakes Number 1 – Assigning the right man for the job

If you have already read the PMBOK then you definitely know what’s the first step for a project. No I am not talking about the project charter or the statement or work. I am talking about assigning the project manager to the project. Yes that’s the first step and things could go wrong from here. So first thing is assigning the right project manager who is apt for the project. You cannot assign an infrastructure project manager to a development project. In some cases you can but if you have a project manager with development experience he should be your first candidate for a development project.


Common Project Management Mistakes Number 2 – Working On Too Many Projects

Thanks to awesome business developers, business analysts and sales people. During my career I have worked on all those roles and to be very frank these people makes the company run they make all the new contacts, bring new business in, new project and all other things which pays for the boss’s HAWAI trip and our mortgage. These people are hungry and would like to bring in as much business as possible but there is a limitation. The resources are limited.

Its proven that working on too many simultaneous projects drops the efficiency of the team.Initially multi-tasking graph would tell a different story that team is bringing in money as it would finish x number of project by doing multi-tasking but if you look few months after you will be losing money in quality control, acceptance testing and may be feature deficit.  But in this budget constrained, cost cutting and outsourced environment we cannot also leave multi-tasking so a balance has to be maintained between the projects. So the right man which we chose in mistake 1 should take care of this.

Common Project Management Mistakes Number 3 – Lack of Communications Management

I am busy today can we schedule it for tomorrow and that tomorrow becomes next week. Communication is very important part of project management and that’s why it is also setup during the initial phases of the project. Now time is for aligning technology and business if a person is telecommuting or not able to make it to the office set him up for virtual meeting or a hangout. Some people say having a meeting every week is non-productive and costs money and time but if the agenda is pre-prepared and minutes of the meetings are noted down then it becomes very productive helps to keep everyone on the same page.

Common Project Management Mistakes Number 4 – Scope Creep

Now every project manager’s nightmare is scope creep and the mistakes that leads to it is lack of definition of scope, change control policy and validation of the scope. The scope should be defined as clearly and as deeply as possible.



This is not the complete list I will write another post for that will elaborate further on Common Project Management Mistakes to AVOID.


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2 thoughts on “Common Project Management Mistakes to AVOID – Part1

  1. Nice post. Waiting for part2.

    You should also include the EXECUTIVE BUY IN as a mistake as managers just assume that they will get the BUY in for the project but sometimes they don’t.

    My Personal experience on BUY-INs but great post just wating for part2

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