Resume Broken or Disconnected SSH Session

Thats a common phenomenon that you break or disconnect your existing ssh connection to your host.  It could be painful if you were editing a script and didnt save it. By all means you would like to reconnect and start or resume  from the same place where your ssh session broke or disconnected. Linux has a software called screen which lets us resume our broken or disconnected SSH session.

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Converting PDF Documents and Ebook To Kindle prc Format

The e-book readers are the new generation devices for reading books. The Amazon kindle is one such ebook reader. The amazon kindle is based on e-ink which is a special display. The e-ink works without backlit hence not hurting your eyes.

You might be fond of reading and you own a lot of ebooks. Now the task is to convert them to the kindle format which is prc or AZW. The amazon also offers this service free which converts your existing pdfs, documents or ebooks to kindle format.
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First Apple, Then Android Now Windows APP Store

All of you who are having any kind of smartphone must be aware about the online stores from where you can download the apps for your smartphones. Apple have their own APP STORE for iphone, ipod and the ipad. Google android has android market place to download apps for the android devices. Apples moved a step forward and launched an app store for their macs. Providing an app store for the laptops was a great move.
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How To Make Linux More Secure Using Firewall – The Firestarter Firewall

linux logoThe Linux operating system is gaining more and more popularity day by day. The popularity of its stability and security. Linux systems are considered more secure and actually they are. Security is provided at each and every level. The security level but still can be breached. To make it more secure a firewall is required.

A firewall can help you to stop incoming attacks, allow only certain type of traffic to pass through or even block some websites.
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Secure VNC Connection Using SSH Tunneling In Linux

vnc logoWith the increase in malware and viruses the data sent over the network can be read quite easily. To make the connections more secure ssh was introduced (SSH- Secure Shell). The data sent over an ssh connection is encrypted and cant be read by any malicious script or a hacker.

VNC is a remote desktop tool which allows quick and easy sharing of screens across networks. The initial phase of connection establishment in VNC is secure, but when the connection is established the all data sent is unencrypted.
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