Building a strong Vocabulary – 2nd Jan 2017

Here are the 5 words for 2nd Janury 2017

1.) Patronize – Come from Latin meaning ” Master, Protector”

Can be used for a place that you visit often for eg Patronize the Local Deli but if someone tries to patronize you then its showing that you are inferior and experience is unpleasant. For e.g.

being patronized in a class.

In other words also it means to treat condescendingly

2.) Solemn – serious and dignified, Firm and Humorless , Serious about something. See earnest also

Earnest – Synonym to Solemn – Firm and Humourless, Undivided faith in goals and opinions. for eg.

Josh is earnest about use of prime lenses for portraits.

3.) Eminent – Highly regarded or prominent is eminent- For eg.

Ansel adams was an eminent photographer.

4.) Acumen – Sharp, Keen Insight, Laser Sharp Intellect –

Our consultants are known for their acumen.

Shrewdness manifested by Astuteness which means deep insight is fed into brain by the intellectual ability.

5.) Vice – Moral Failing or bad habit. Best examples are alcohol or maybe gambling. For eg. Anything can be vice and not just gambling and alcohol,

Watching youtube is my VICE.

Akash Deep Singh

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