Building a strong Vocabulary – 6th Jan 2017

Here are the 5 words for 6th Janury 2017

1.) Venerate – To worship, to adore or AWE

You pretend to venerate your boss.

2.) Vex – If something vexes you, it brings you trouble or difficulty. In other words, it annoys, worries, distresses, irritates, bothers, or puzzles you.
3.) Emancipate – Set someone free from something.

At the end of the Civil War, slaves were emancipated and became free men and women

4.) Impetuous One who acts too hastily or carelessly

Hotheaded, impulsive folks are impetuous.

5.) Impute– Verb used to blame someone or to give credit.

You can impute for dalay in meeting as I forgot to mention the meeting room in the invite.

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