Building a strong Vocabulary – 4th Jan 2017

Here are the 5 words for 4th Janury 2017

1.) Oblivious – When you are unaware of your surroundings

Josh was so oblivious about his education that he went for a movie instead of his exam.

2.) Accord – harmony of people’s opinions or actions or characters. The word accord is all about agreement, or unity

If the class is in accord to cancel the test the teacher will cancel it.

3.) Throng – Large gathering of people or animals.

The crowd will throng the stadium for Tiesto’s concert.

4.) Innate– Ability or characteristic present by birth.

Mr joe has Innate sense of humor./

5.) Antagonistic – Hard to get along with. Not harmonious.

Stop picking up on your brother, You dont need to be antagonistic.

Akash Deep Singh

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