September 20, 2020

Best UML / Sequence diagram creator for your app, website or anything thats has a flow

If you would have served as a business analyst or a project manager you know the importance of workflows. Coffee/wine loaded client meetings (if you are not using cisco webex or skype) you jot down each and every point of discussion, record the session but in the end when you try to do the knowledge transfer to your team errrrrrrrr.. That is a situation every analyst faces or has faced in the past.

As everyone know there is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words then why not use a picture to depict the workflow. There are many tools in the market for making sequence diagrams, USE case diagrams. One of my preferred tool is IBM’s rational rose . Its a phenomenal tool and has tons of feature but the point being its way too expensive. I was lucky enough to get my hands on this while working at my previous workplace, the current workplace is a company which cannot afford a tool this much expensive so I had to find a tool which can make my job easier for sequence diagramming.

After searching for days to look for a tool that could help me create sequence diagrams I found one its called WEB SEQUENCE DIAGRAMS. Its a pretty nice tool for making sequence diagrams. I have made few sequence diagrams using the free features but in the end seeing the ease of use of this app i ended up buying a subscription for this service.
It also offers multiple documents support and you can save the docs in pdf as well.


If your industry compliance requires the data to be stored in-house then you can also purchase the enterprise license for in-house hosting.

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