The e-book readers are the new generation devices for reading books. The Amazon kindle is one such ebook reader. The amazon kindle is based on e-ink which is a special display. The e-ink works without backlit hence not hurting your eyes.

You might be fond of reading and you own a lot of ebooks. Now the task is to convert them to the kindle format which is prc or AZW. The amazon also offers this service free which converts your existing pdfs, documents or ebooks to kindle format.

The quality of the converted document is not good as this service is still in BETA phase and will improve definitely. There are software available which can convert the existing PDF documents to the kindle format. The main problem with these PDF is that when converting them to prc they will loose their formatting and most images will be lost. I have found a great way to convert the existing PDF DOCUMENTS to the Kindle format. The ideology lies to convert the PDF into an IMAGE PDF rather than a text searchable PDF so as they retain their formatting.

Just follow this step by step article on Converting PDF Documents and Ebook To Kindle prc Format

Step1.) Download the following software called PDF TO LRF. This software will convert each and every page of the PDF to the PNG file. The PNG file will help to retain the PDF Formatting when later converting it to prc file.

Open PDF TO LRF and select the input and output files. The input file should be the PDF file you want to convert and the output file extension should be .zip. Yes it should be zip not lrf or any pdf.

The screen should be like this.

Take care about few settings the rotation section. Split pages and width.

The output of this step will be a zip file. The contents of the zip file will be the image of each page. You can verify the conversion by viewing the image whether they have covered all the text and images or not. If not you an change the width size and rotation parameters.

STEP2.) Now the images have to be converted to PDF i.e. all the images will be combined to form a single PDF. For this you can download PNG2PDF.

NOTE:- I am not the author of this software. I found it on a website.

now extract the files of PNG2PDF to a folder. Copy the zip file which you created in step1 to this folder.

Now Open command prompt by typing cmd.exe in run dialogue box. Navigate to the directory where you extracted the PNG2PDF. In my case the command was cd C:\Users\akash\Desktop\PNG2PDF

where cd is command to change the directory and C:\Users\akash\Desktop\PNG2PDF is the path.

Type in the following command at the command prompt.


where is the filename which you specified in the step1.

You will see a big list of output. You are now one more step closer to Converting PDF Documents and Ebook To Kindle prc Format .

After the process ends you will get a PDF file with name test -png.pdf ( or whatever name you specified during step1.)

Step3.) Now this is the final step to convert your PDF now which is image based pdf to kindle prc format. Again you have to download a software called MobipocketCreator.

Note:- While installing the mobipocket creator make sure you select the publisher edition. Which is very important else you will not get the import from pdf option.

Now run the mobipocket creator and click on ADOBE PDF.

Now select the zip file which was produced in step2 and click on import.

The import will take some time. Now when the import is over you will get a screen like this now select no compression and click on build.

Now when the build is complete select the open folder containing ebook and press ok.

There will be lot of files and you just have to find the prc file. :) Copy this prc file to your kindle and you are good to go. It might look complex to you but its not a tough process you can directly convert PDF Documents and Ebook To Kindle prc Format but that is only good for text based PDF which have very few images and very less formatting.